Glue: GS Hypo Cement
Glue: GS Hypo Cement
Glue: GS Hypo Cement
Glue: GS Hypo Cement
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Glue: GS Hypo Cement

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Our go-to glue for any project where you may want to maintain a clear + flexible finish on the knot after the glue is dry. Hypo also has a tiny needle for precise application. Allow glue to dry overnight if possible before trimming.


Dries water clear and stays clear
Built-in G-S Precision Applicator
Will not damage or craze surfaces
No waste – A precision product
Sets in 10 minutes
Allows parts to be positioned before setting
Recommended for non-porous surfaces
Medium-strength cement – Will not bond fingers or fuse surfaces
Excess easily removed with rubbing alcohol, nail polish remover or acetone


Flatten tube as you use it up; do not roll it. Insert cap wire when not in use. Clean needle-point area with rubbing alcohol before closing cap.


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