Turquoise - Nevada 8 long nuggets (high polish)
Turquoise - Nevada 8 long nuggets (high polish)
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Turquoise - Nevada 8 long nuggets (high polish)

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Listing is for one 16" strand of turquoise from the Nevada 8 mine in Nevada.

These beads have a myriad of colors including several shades of blues and greens, plus earthy browns and rusty reds.

The beads are not uniform, but are a similar diameter: approximately 6mm and most measure around 11-13mm in length. They have a slightly higher polish than our other Zachery treated turquoise strands.

This particular turquoise has been treated with the Zachery process, which does not use any fillers, but rather heat to strengthen the natural beauty of the stone.

Most turquoise on the market has been treated in some way and Zachery-processed turquoise is more natural than stabilized turquoise. It's the closest you'll get to the real thing.

Zachery treated turquoise does not depreciate in value. Instead, the color of the turquoise is more long lasting and therefore helps it to stay in its original natural state.

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