Wig Jig Delphi - Acrylic Jig Base + Standard peg set
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Wig Jig Delphi - Acrylic Jig Base + Standard peg set

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Want to make consistently sized and shaped earring hoops, frames, ear wires + clasps? .....This is your must-have tool!

See add-on pegs (sold separately) that you may need for various projects. This listing is for the acrylic base + a set of the standard pegs only.

This 3 x 3 clear acrylic wire form jig with 182 holes & 10 removable pegs, has smaller pegs & closer holes than the Olympus & Olympus-Lite.

Accordingly, designs made on the Delphi are smaller & more delicate.

This is a great addition to the Olympus jigs since it facilitates making matching sets of jewelry. For example, smaller earring components can be made on the Delphi to match larger necklace & bracelet links made on the Olympus.

It also works very well for paper arts designs.

Holes are approx 3.1mm apart horizontally, and approx 1.7mm apart vertically.

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