Larvikite - 4mm round, faceted, AB coated
Larvikite - 4mm round, faceted, AB coated
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Larvikite - 4mm round, faceted, AB coated

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Listing is for one 15.5" strand of 4mm faceted round Larvikite gemstone beads.

The stone has been coated with a subtle AB finish.

Larvikite is a part of the feldspar family –it’s a grounding and protective stone.

The larvikite is a monzonitic feldspar rock, which came from the feldspar family. It has nepheline syenite, albite, orthoclase, anorthite, anorthoclase, perthite, and plagioclase. Further, this stone is commonly black, dark blue, or dark grey in color. Usually, it also has quartz or nepheline inclusions.

The name of this gem actually came from the place where it was found. It came originally from the Larvic Region in the country of Norway. Sometimes, it is also called the black moonstone –even though it isn’t really a moonstone. Moreover, it is also known as the blue Norwegian moonstone, Norwegian pearl granite, emerald pearl, blue pearl, pearlspar, and birds eye granite.

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